A 22hr day, and my mood is..

…better than for most of yesterday

Up at 4am bed by 2am – 22hrs shift. Torrential rain had a big logistical impact on the whole day. And this event being the centre piece of the clients week – there were more anxious people around than normal.

The weather and subsequent impact had a knock on effect throughout the day. It also put pressure on everyone working and made a difficult day that little bit more so.

But when the going gets tough its great when you know you can rely on your team. You know when people have your back. When your team look ahead and preempt problems and go beyond their own specific tasks. They do their utmost for the team, the clients an the greater good.  At iMedia our team and the people we have built relationships with over time are an extension of that. It is full of individuals like this, and yesterday, as throughout the whole week its brilliant to work with.

Today’s Moodscores

Great all round effort (although it was a bit of a rubbish day to be honest :) – meant in a very positive way of course!)

High – 66% (2% down)

Low – 53% (7% up)

Team Average – 59% (up 0.4% from yesterday and 5.1% below our yr. av. 65.1%)

Habit #7

Exercise; Our most popular habit. Normally a “must do” in our office day to day. We always have a window between 12-1400 gym time. And everyone needs to go. Over the last week+ there hasn’t been any opportunity as we have been working long hours, but we have been very active – walking loads, lifting, lugging, on our feet 15hrs+. But we do miss it, but its just a few more days now until we can get back into a routine.

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