Team update

Day 2 of The Open Championship

Venue 1 – Golf Course Team

The golf course (Old Course, St Andrews) had torrential rain to deal with and there were a few leaks here and there which caused some problems. However compared to what the green keepers had to contend with these issues were trivial.

The guests are happy and enjoying themselves and the sun even came out in the afternoon.

Onsite for 06.30 (during the horizontal rain) and offsite for 21.00 – 15.5 hour shift.

So between that team the average score was 66%!



Venue 2 – Hotel Team

Friday sees many moving parts! The majority of the guests are heading to Gleneagles for the DttM tournament. Some guests are heading to The Open in St Andrews and some partners are off to Edinburgh. The torrential rain causes havoc at Gleneagles and the golf is delayed 2 hours. All of the meticulous planning ad timings have to change but there is always a contingency!

We are now halfway through the programme!

This team is doing 18hr shifts (again).

The average score here is 64.5%



Today’s Moodscores

To be honest its another set of great scores considering that this is the hardest day!

High – 68% (8% down)

Low – 61% (11% up)

Team Average – 65% (up 1.8% from yesterday and 0.1% below our yr. av. 65.1%)

Habit #6

Meaning; When we are working these 2 weeks are the most important 2 weeks of our lives. We give 100% and do our very best for our Clients and Customers. We also keep ‘the right perspective’. This in turn creates empathy towards everyone we working with and for.

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