Pressure moves to the Hotel Team

Monday is the toughest day for the Hotel Team so far.

All Monday the hotel bespoke build starts & finishes in that 1 day. The build includes; a players lounge (new carpet, furniture, pictures etc), Reception & help desk area (desk, tv’s), Car displays (in & out of the hotel), hotel branding, 40 cars and car branding, Welcome Dinner set up etc

For the 60 International guests arriving tomorrow there is a team of 16 key staff, 40 drivers, 50 hotel staff,  50 build contractors, as well as TV crews, photographers.



For the St Andrews Teams their pressure days were up to Saturday to get the build live for public opening on Sunday. 1 team in a very good spot, the other with some work to do. This means working around public opening times and trying to get things finalised before the Client signs off today.  It will crank up again for the St Andrews Teams Wednesday  before the Championship starts Thursday.

Today’s Moodscores

That makes these scores all the more pleasing. Highest score is the person under most pressure – leading the hotel team! The Lowest score today today was the boss spending 10hrs at his laptop!

High – 75% (7% up)

Low – 58% (3% down)

Team Average – 65.4% (up 1% from yesterday and 0.3% above our yr. av. 65.1%)

Happiness Habit #2

Caring; When things are tough we focus on helping our team deliver. That includes our immediate team and all the agencies, suppliers and contractors we work with so we are more likely to deliver a great service to our Clients and Customers. And most importantly – we do our best to understand what makes people happy and be true to that.

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