Six Ways to Promote Positivity in Children

Having a positive attitude is a wonderful trait to have, and is one that we all hope to see in our children as they grow. Being positive ourselves is a good way to teach our children, but watching is only part of the process. If you want to raise positive children you have to actively teach them how to be positive people.

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How do you instill these traits in your children? Below are a few ideas to teach positivity to your kids while having fun.

Instill a strong sense of humor.

Being able to laugh is a precious gift that cannot be bought. Teach your children to laugh more, especially in the moments that they feel they can’t. Having a strong sense of humor can brighten even the gloomiest of days. When things go wrong quickly find something to laugh about in the situation, it will help to ease the pain and turn a bad mood around.

Teach your children to see the bright side.

Like laughter, optimism is a powerful tool. Be sure to preach to your children the old saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ and help them find the good in all the challenges that they face. There is a silver lining behind every cloud, we just have to open our minds to see it.

Consider the worst that can happen.

When your world seems to be falling apart, when you are faced with difficulty, or when you are simply down in the dumps consider the worst case scenario and teach your children to do the same. Remember the ‘worst thing’ in your thoughts is probably far worse than the literal ‘worst thing’ could ever be. Stay within the boundaries of reality and you will often find things are not as bad as they seem.

Illustrate the importance of sleep.

No one can truly be positive without sleep. Proper rest is vital to our health as well as our minds. Teach your children to get enough rest, and lead by example. Instilling this skill early on will make a world of difference on your children’s moods and their ability to lead a positive and optimistic life later.

Guide them toward gratitude.

Being thankful for the things that we have in life is an important part of being positive. Take the time to teach this skill to your children. It is often difficult for kids to focus on those things that they currently have in their lives when they are constantly bombarded with the next best thing through retail and media as well as their social networks. Spend time pointing out all the blessings in your life, and allow your children to share the things they are most thankful for. Doing this regularly helps teach children the value of things on more than just a monetary level.

Remember nothing lasts forever.

When times are tough, when things feel bleak, when you simply feel sad or overwhelmed remember that nothing lasts forever and this moment too shall pass. Teach your children this valuable lesson, alone with the others above, and they will quickly realize that change is around the corner at any given time.

These are not foolproof ideas that will guarantee a happier more positive child. They will not instantly, or possibly ever, change the way your child sees the world or behaves towards you. These tools may take years to develop fully, but they cannot hurt either. Providing your child with the tools they need, as well as being a role model yourself, will help lead them down the path of positivity.

In a world where our children are surrounded by violence, hate and other forms of negativity on a daily basis, inviting positivity into their lives and teaching them to do so themselves, allows an escape when it’s needed even if it is just in a small way and for a short time.

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