What is the Wondr Foundation?

Its a good question. We are not completely sure… yet!?! But we were sure we wanted the Foundation in place when we started because we see the “Foundation as the basis for something”. This is the basis for Wondrlust;

Upcoming Events

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Our Time

What is one, if not the most valuable commodities we have – we believe its our ‘time’. Finding time for our family, friends, work, health, hobbies – we continually strive for a better life balance. The way we structure our days so we are more productive is central to our philosophy. It is taking us a lot of hard work, dedication (frustrations), discipline. We are better than we were, but light years from where we can be.

As part of a fulfilled life we would like to spend some of our time on causes that our close to our hearts, in the way we can help. As putting together events is what we do, each year we will dedicate our time as a company helping put together an event for a cause we feel we can make a difference.

This year it was The Gobey Challenge – where we had a fantastic day and The Gobey Family raised £50,000 for Addendrookes Hospital in the fight against Child Leukeamia.

Give a little

As a company we try to live by the 7 habits each day. We have a list of actions we need to do each day. Its not easy trust us, it needs a lot of discipline. As an incentive each week we award £50 to the person who lives by the 7 habits most effectively – £25 going to their good-cause (and £25 to the drinks pot – if they feel caring towards their fellow workers!!).


Does happiness lead to success v’s success leading to happiness

The Positive psychology movement (15yrs young), backed by neuroscience has meant subjective feelings of happiness can be better understood. It also means we can understand the significant benefits of physical & mental health. It can be taught, live longer, protect against heart attacks, increase immunity from infections, reduce mental decline, more motivated, engaged, creative, energetic, resilient, productive, learn quicker, better memory, more resilient in tough times, and it is contagious which means if you reap the benefits it also benefits society

As a society we have a better standard of living, better health and more money. We should be the happiest we have ever been. So why is burnout, stress and depression rates skyrocketing with mental health costs hitting $2.5 trillion globally (2010)?

Society is creates a negative culture – negative press, mistrust of establishment, negative roll models. A 2013 UK National Values Survey showed society aspire to a country where family, friendship, caring, humour, compassion, generosity was at its centre. The traits of happiness.

Millions of people are searching the web for content related to happiness (videos, books, research), happiness is becoming more mainstream. However the perception of ‘happiness’ – the word itself, how its presentation, its people – can turn people off and create problems with accessibility to a wider audience.

We are particularly interested in what Inspires / Aspires people to take action, to change their lives. But these people are few. So why do so many of us feel like changing our lives by being inspired – “feel like” – but then what happens… most people go back to their day to day lives. If we were able to unlock this we would be able to help people transform their lives.

Elevation and Transcendence


In Jonathan Haidt’s research he stumbled upon a class of emotions that is almost completely unstudied: the emotions we feel when other people do good, skillful, or admirable things. These emotions are unusual in that they are not primarily about ourselves, our goals, and our normal petty concerns. These emotions give people a sense of uplift and inspiration; they make us feel like better people; they are self-transcendent.

Jonathan Haidt is a social psychologist at the NYU-Stern School of Business. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1992, and spent most of his career (1995-2011) at the University of Virginia.

Research shows that on hearing heart warming stories, being in the great outdoors, being at one with nature, listening to music… But for the majority of us these feelings are glimpsing and we go back to our daily lives.

So what makes the minority – the outliers – change? and what makes most of us not!

If we can better understand what lifts peoples spirits, makes them feel better, makes them want to change their lives for the better, and sometimes the world! If we could learn these lessons we could have a dramatic effect on helping people fulfill their lives and have a positive impact on society.

So as a starting point we have created a Wondrlust pinterest board where we would like to find out what Inspires you to want to make positive changes to your life